Can Acupuncture Treatments help Malaria Patients?

There are many kinds of treatments out there – and as we mentioned in our last post on western treatments on how to approach malaria – we will discuss the opportinity on using acupuncture on malaria patients.

Acupuncture treatments combined with western treatments can actually be more effective.

Treatments using acupuncture can be effective on Malaria, especially when the protocol aims to target the symptoms and work from there – such as fixing the symptoms of fever and aches and pains.

Pains can be helped with combination of pain killes such as ibubufren – but patients do need to take enough salt – ideally a form of salt called Tao salt, which which directly support the patient from getting worse and support the immune system – if you do not have Tao salt, then a lesser version is fine – and if there is no good salt, then it is better to have any salt rather than no salt at all.

The other thing acupuncture doctors can do is target the fever by reducing it instantly, and doing the treatment daily for around 7-14 days – whilst the patient takes the salt and keeps drinking plenty of fluids. This should help a lot already, and should be enough to treat malaria using acupuncture.

Treatment protocol on acupuncture for malaria can vary – and depends on the acupuncturist and their skill level. The system that our team has seen to work, is using the Dong Han system of treatment – which is a type of Daoist acupuncture system, and a complete medical system.

There is a current need of acupuncture doctors to work with western doctors in Africa, to help the spread of disease, and to help inform communities as preventitve medicine, rather than focusing on curing diseases. At least, this should be the long term goal.

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